Monday, 10 October 2011

What have The Good Seeds been doing?

We have been meeting on a weekly basis over the past 4 months and these are some of the things we have been up to...

Developed a vision to create community gardens that foster a respectful and productive relationship with each other.
Established a goal to secure land and funding to establish a flagship community garden in the Yarraville, Kingsville, Seddon area.
Networking with other groups including Veg Out Community Garden in St Kilda, Victoria University, Maribyrnong City Council, Friends of Stony Creek, OTHER
Visited community gardens and talked to other gardening groups
Visited potential sites in our area and looked at suitability for a potential garden
Given a talk about the benefits of community gardening at a monthly POW (Permaculture Out West community drinks session at The Dancing Dog Cafe last August
Developed a survey to collect names, addresses and contact details, list of skills, thoughts about community gardens. 
Good Seeds Talk at POW Community Drinks

We are currently...
Developing a plan of management and working towards a legal structure for our group.
Collecting an accurate database of everybody who has shown interest in supporting a local community garden. (Name, Street address, contact details)
Visit our on-line survey...... we'd love to hear from you

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